Saturday, January 10, 2009

What does the Nominet Annual Report 2008 mean for your business?

Nominet published it's annual domain name industry report recently and whilst the majority covers domain name statistics and the UK registrar market it does include some interesting research on trust and awareness of UK domain names.

Based on their own research and a survey of 2352 people carried out by Opinion Matters the report makes the following points:
  • the domain suffix is the most trusted in the UK
  • when searching for travel and entertainment information 82% of consumers from Belfast prioritise over .com domains and 79% of consumers from Sheffield prefer domains believing them to be local
  • twice as many women as men regularly use social networking websites
  • 75% of women compared to 66% of men prefer to use websites with a domain
  • over 85% of people know that a domain name is related to a website, email or an online identity
  • the Confederation of British Industry [CBI] supports the use of domains
  • over 50% of businesses see domains as critical or very important
This provides some important guidance for businesses to consider as part of their online strategy. For example, using Social Networking to further your online presence is especially valuable to those businesses with a high proportion of female customers. Those involved in the UK travel and entertainment market should take note that a very high percentage of consumers prefer to use websites on a domain with a suffix. This will be especially important in 2009 when it is expected that the current economic situation in the UK will lead to more people holidaying at home.

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The full Nominet Annual Report 2008 is available at:

Keeping print costs down in the current economic conditions

The current deterioration of the general economic conditions in the UK combined with increased cost of raw materials and the fall in value of Sterling against the US Dollar, Euro and the Yen have forced print costs to rise recently.

For example the cost of some inks went up 13.5% and vinyl 5.5% at the start of 2009 and paper and vinyl costs have been climbing steadily for the past six months or more. Additionaly, fuel surcharge costs applied by several of our suppliers are still in place even though the cost of diesel fell sharply towards the end of 2008.

The Edge are committed to maintaining our highly competitive pricing structure and through careful negotiation and strengthened relationships with local printers will ensure that any increse in costs are passed to our clients only where this absolutely cannot be avoided.

For further information on the Print and Design services offered by The Edge please contact Steven Timpson by telephone 01292 521 404 or email