Wednesday, March 31, 2010

North East Needs Improved Accommodation

According to findings, published by Scottish Enterprise, “improved tourism accommodation is key to the future economic success” of the North East of Scotland area.

They say that a variety of niche resorts, boutique hotels, self-catering lodges, spas and quality fully services hotels are needed to fill gaps in the tourism market.

David Littlejohn, director of industries and infrastructure at Scottish Enterprise, said the area offered “significant opportunities” to attract “investors and developers in the tourism and leisure industry.”
According to the article in the Press and Journal, Scottish Enterprise, Aberdeenshire Council, Cairngorms National Park Authority and Scottish Natural Heritage are investing a combined £5.8m into the area’s tourism sector.

The Royal Deeside and the Cairngorm Destination Management Organisation’s tourism development manager, John Carnie, backed the reports findings saying, “There seems to be a shortfall in terms of serviced accommodation or hotel accommodation whereas there has been a 25% increase in self-catering accommodation over the past few years. We also think there may be potential for a small scale resort type development,” he said.

VisitScotland’s Regional Director, Ken Massie, added: “As is the case in many parts of rural Scotland, capital investment will be key to improving the visitor experience and guaranteeing a sustainable future in tourism for the region. Tourism growth is critical to the economic future of Scotland and rural areas have a huge role to play here.”

The article however finished with what seems to be the obligatory press statement for politicians across the country when asked about tourism, with north-east MSP Nanette Milne calling on VisitScotland and the Scottish Government to do more to promote the area’s tourism industry. She said: “I believe that there is not enough focus from VisitScotland on promoting the north-east, even though there is so much on offer."

So does North East Scotland need more varied accommodation?

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