Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Proposed Ayrshire Golf Resort is Used as Security

Interesting article from the Irish Indepedant last week. Interesting for the main story but also for the fact that Ayrshire has been relocated by the journalist to the Scottish highlands!

"A castle in the Scottish highlands (sic), valuable paintings by Irish artists Sean Keating, Donald Tesky and George K Gillespie, as well as any proceeds from an upcoming court battle, have all been put up as security for borrowings from Anglo Irish Bank by indebted developer Seamus Ross of Menolly Homes.

Mr Ross has pledged Dalquharran Castle in Ayrshire as security against borrowings from the bank. The ruined castle, built by Robert Adam in 1780, is earmarked for major redevelopment as a golf resort, subject to funding.

Menolly has also pledged land in Montenegro as security, as well as a number of insurance policies, according to mortgage documents.

The image comes from a great site about derelict buildings and has some great photos of a magnificent ruin that most of us remain blissfully unaware of.

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