Thursday, October 14, 2010

Inspirational Retro Style Marketing or Missing the Point?

Ah the dichotomy that is Scottish Tourism...

Two emails within an hour of each other displaying two entirely different facets of our "industry". The first from go getter and assertive individual that he is Stephen Leckie (first time I met him was back in the the days of brilliant white shirt, no jacket, bright tie and red braces a la Wall Street Michael Douglas - most impressive it was too) pointing us to a review of a  refreshed tourism strategy for Scotland.

The next was from VisitScotland's expo team inviting us to Meet the Scots on their stand at the forthcoming World Travel Market. We will no doubt blog lots about the refreshing of Scotland's tourism Strategy later but it was the embedded image that got me most. I understand the rationale behind the Meet The Scots campaign and the use of independent operators and real people clearly resonates with some, indeed, many marketplaces.

But I just have to wonder whether the image above is the inspiration that is required for a highly competitive international marketplace. I assume that there will be additional marketing messages going out alongside these ones and that other more dynamic images and calls to action will be in the ether soon.

We shall ask the VS team for their plan of attack and come back to you.

But in the meantime what are your thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

how did world travel market perform for those who exhibited? any industry feedback