Thursday, March 17, 2011

Monetising Your Social Media

The $64,000 question is how effective is your social media at converting business?

Sorry? You want an answer? Hmmmm....

However even if the answer remains difficult what you need to do is ensure that you are utilising all the tools you can from all you distribution channels that is for certain.

There is little point having a Facebook or Blog that doesn't deliver relevant content; there is no point in having articles that aren't linking back to your online sales opportunities. Recognition that these distribution channels have to at least have the chance to convert is therefore a positive objective to move towards and Bookassist have announced that their Facebook apps are being tested as we speak with a view to going live in the next few weeks.

The ability to embed ConstantContact email marketing and a host of other apps into your Facebook page has seen the functionality increase dramatically and being able to take bookings and feed guest comments directly onto Facebook from your website's booknig engine is an appaetising prospect for Scotland's Bookassist properties.

In addition to Facebook Apps, Bookassist in Scotland have started feeding live availablity using a piece of JavaScript directly into client's Google blog sites. Again this makes the integration of the booking engine into multiple distribution channels that little bit more effective. You can get an idea of how well it sits on the Scottish tourism blog Scotland'sFor Me.

Web developers just need to take the code drop it in as a Google gadget and the availability that is on the hotel website is replicated on the blog. Easy.

For more information on Bookassist Booking Engine in Scotland visit the Bookassist corporate website or contact them by email

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