Thursday, March 1, 2012

Where Does Your Website Sit?

We were doing a presentation to some tourism students earlier today and one of them asked me if I could publish a graphic I'd used highlighting what impacts on a hotel's website.

It was part of a discussion aimed at quashing the idea that once you had published a website that you had an online marketing strategy. The argument being made is that a website is an asset that depreciates considerably from the moment it is published unless you continue to build on it, make improvements and develop relationships. Only then will the balance sheet be able to show appreciation.

It also ties in with a question from a booking engine client of ours in the Highlands who is asking whether they should blog. The straight answer is for sure and we've explained our view on another To Blog or Not to Blog post

Blogging is simply about developing content for subjects and products and services you're not being found for currently and supports the content managed pages on your site but offering a different style of communication. If you're doing Highland Buffet Nights on a Thursday why would you not write about exactly that. Does it increase your chance of being found? Rhetorical Question obviously.

If you're hosting whisky events why would you not write an article on it and link to your online reservations page to maximise conversion to bookings?

Facebook and Twitter as the graphic indicates have a role top play; but not at the expense of other (higher converting) distribution channels.

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