Monday, September 10, 2012

Aberdeen Gatwick Flight To Go in October

According to press releases this morning Flybe is to stop flying between Aberdeen and London Gatwick from next month. It took over the route in March 2008 when British Airways dropped the service.

Flybe said the route would finish on October 28 "after much consideration".

Rival low-cost airline easyJet quickly issued a statement saying it remained committed to Aberdeen.

It operates up to 23 weekly flights to London from Aberdeen and claims to have delivered over 50% growth in the last year after introducing a service to Gatwick.

In the week that Tourism leaders are being grilled about aspirations for Scottish tourism it is another little piece of bad news that will have very direct impacts on access (and costs) to visiting not only the north east but the Highland gateway that Aberdeen is too many.


Anonymous said...

It seems that a similar 'head in the sand' approach is being taken to the dwindling ferry routes from Northern Europe to Scotland. Can't remember the last time we had a customer with their on car who did not arrive via Hull or Newcastle

Norman Friendly said...

It seems to me that when it comes to flights. We only here of flights being dropped as well as new flights to sun destinations.

There are never any new flights into Scotland. What are the tourism leaders doing? It smacks of laziness and lack of knowledge in this market.

Then again I could say that about every market within tourism and our "Tourism Leaders"