Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Darkstar Scotland has the Edge

The Edge are pleased to announce the launch of the new website for their latest client Dark Star.

This dynamic, energetic and youthful pub, club & hotel group is based in Glasgow and is probably best known for it’s Budda bar's in the city centre of Glasgow. Since 2007 the group has been evolving by acquiring many new sites across Scotland, stretching from Ayr to Aberdeen.

This evolution has seen the creation of a powerful brand identity which Dark Star were very use to create an online space which their clientele would view as an extension of their customer experience.

To make this happen they needed to work with a web development company who would pick this concept up and run with it. This is where The Edge came in, using the latest social media tools to create picture sharing galleries, blogs, video channels and even online restaurant and hotel bookings.

The end result is a website which showcases all of the Dark Star properties and lets customers interact with the brand in a variety of ways, and by harnessing the power of Web 2.0, the customers can actually create content for the site itself.

In selecting The Edge, Sarah Mazzone, the On-line Marketing Manager said

"We know our customers enjoy the experience when they are in our pubs & clubs, and with the help of The Edge, we have created a unique online space where they can share their great times with their friends whenever they want"

Dark Star and The Edge will continue to push the boundaries to ensure that the online Dark Star experience is as exciting and fun as the real thing.

For more information on how to give your online strategy the Edge, contact James Kennedy on 01292-521-404, info@getheedgeonline.com.

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