Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Channel Manager for Tourism Database

The Claymore Project, Scotland's most highly integrated hospitality content management system has introduced a number of new functions in it's latest upgrade release.

With the increasing use of The Claymore Project database by destination management organisations, product groups, marketing organisations and membership bodies, it had become increasingly clear that new tools were required for group site administrators to manage whose content was appearing on their site.

The resultant research has lead the project developers, The Edge, to create a new Channel Manager function within The Claymore Project database which will add the following functions into the website.

The Channel Manager will allow the group site administrator:

  • The ability to add new members to The Claymore Project Database
  • The ability to add and remove members to the list of featured users on their website
  • The ability to define expiry dates for members’ information
  • The ability to request password information

Full information on this latest upgrade is available on The Claymore Project website

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