Friday, May 29, 2009

New Upgrades to Online Booking Engine

Market-leading booking technology company Bookassist have announced a series of upgrades to the Bookassist system.
Listen to customers with Web 2.0 reviews integration for your website
  • Automatically gather reviews through the booking engine, and manage and respond to those reviews directly in the hotel administration system which allows hotels to read, activate or deactivate, publish and answer their guest comments.
  • It also allows publishing of positive guest comments on the website to increase sales.
  • Show guests who have had issues that hotels care about their custom by responding quickly and actioning change.
    Demonstrate to potential guests through your reviews and comments that you are a customer-oriented hotel

Connected Packages for Easier Management

Bookassist now allows to link the pricing in one package or room type with another so that the accommodation provider can quickly alter many rates throughout the system by operating from a smaller number of master rates.

Other upgrades to the admin side include a Manage By Year Upgrade - allowing simple but powerful mangement and assessment of your year ahead online; Bookassist has long offered the potential to upsell and promote through add-ons and the new upgrade brings the capability to add photographs to add-ons and to group them in more convenient ways to help customers identify them more easily and to add to their on-screen appeal.

Contact Bookassist on for more information on how to unlock the power of your website.

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