Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Social Media with Purpose...

We're always banging on about Social Media requiring purpose or it's not worth doing. It must achieve an objective, develop brand, create revenue, reduce costs.
Something other than finding pink animals in a neighbour's farm or sitting down for another glass of wine!
Anyway, the ability of social media to communicate quickly is truly amazing.
As part of our management on online marketing for The Tartan Army, we are always dealing with media requests for something or another about The Tartan Army's opinions or actions; so it was no real surprise to be approached by Scottish Television this morning with a request for a Tartan Army spin on Scotland's Greatest Team - a programme finishing this week with votes on who should play in a 4-4-2 team.
So rather than giving them a single opinion we've put together a ConstantContact Questionnaire online and driven it through the Tartan Army facebook page which The Edge set up for them.
The results will be collated real time online and sent in spreadhseet form to STV pre broadcast.
Now you can imagine how online polls could benefit your business' customer care.
Give us a call.

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