Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Google Search Features Places Top Right?

Now the thing about monitoring Google searches is you're never quite sure whether what you are looking at has been live for days, weeks or months but I'm pretty sure that the addition of Hotels' Google Place information to the top right corner of the search screen is a relatively new addition - and must surely be a poisitive one for hotels seeking direct bookings through their own website.

It is however another flag if one was needed that your Google Places entry is of primary importance to your overall search strategy and if not in place it really must be by the end of play today. Not tomorrow. Today!

(See previous article on Google Places for Business)

However it also highlights some of the drawbacks of technology and content that is not as immediately updateable as others.

The example here is Google Street View.

Now you can update you images, your copy, guest reviews can be responded to and your online availability (we assume!) is updated regularly but what do you do if on Google Street View your property happens to have been snapped at an inopportune moment in time!

Like maybe there was a delivery truck outside, or anti capitality protesters had camped in your car park? Or perhaps like the example below at The Old Loans Inn in Troon you had just closed your hotel prior to demolition and refurbishment into an award winning hotel and restaurant in Ayrshire.

"Hi Google Street View? Can you send your guy around again to rephotograph our hotel please?"

Guess there's not really much you can do about the fact that's when the photography took place but there must be a way to have it removed from the new right hand side feature box. Anyone had experience?

Anyway main lesson is that this must be a positive for being found for your own business name and thereafter improved conversion. Go get your Google Places entry updated. Now!

And for those looking for a fantastic quality inn for your golfing holiday in Troon Scotland next year or a fantastic lunch or evening meal then The Old Loans Inn actually now looks like this and is a wonderful place  to visit!

Check it out online for yourself.

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