Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Golf Scorecard Design For Dragon's Tooth

Lovely wee job done this week for our old friends at Dragon's Tooth at Ballachulish on the way to Fort William.

Having designed their website a few years back Laurence Young asked if we could redesign their course map. The greenkeepers have just completed the addition of nine new tees to provide two sets of tees for the nine greens.

In the week of the launch of the movie Brave it would not be difficult to imagine that the course provided the location for some of the background images of the fantasy Disney film!

We designed the new graphic over the past week and it'll go to print for summer visitors. And it's always nice to get a Facebook plug from clients, "Sneak Preview! The new illustration for the 18 Tee Course has just been received . . . and here it is! Thanks to Steven Timpson of for such a clear, attractive and professional production." - you can follow Dragon's Tooth on Facebook too

I played nine holes here during the May heatwave and it was he most enjoyable game of golf I'd had in years so if you're in the area you really have to fit in a round. Great soup and baked potato too!

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