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Best Book Direct- Maximum Availability DIRECT

You do all the work to get visitors on to your site; you shout that your rates are better when booked direct and then you don't show your availability. It is essential that you show maximum availability at all times on your website right up to the last minute.

The first thing you should be checking in your booking engine admin is that you have maximum availability within your own website at all times. Your last available room should always be bookable through your own site right up to the time that you stop taking bookings.

Go to your admin panel and maximise the available rooms. There is NO reason why a room should be available through a third party site or by telephone and not bookable through your website. 

Bookassist allows the accommodation provider to do the following to ensure that you can maximise your availability and your sales

Set the Last time for Booking

Decide when you take booking until - Bookassist will allow you to take booking right up to midnight if you so wish. Stop selling 24 hours out or at 6pm on the same day. You decide what's right for your business but we would always suggest keeping the rooms open as lote as possible

Confirmation by Text 

We'd suggest taking bookings til as late as possible - remember even if you're not always at your computer to check for reservations you can arrange to have any bookings sent to your mobile phone via a simple text message

Update Your Availability Easily

Two clicks and you can open and close out your rooms. Remember if a room is sold online it is automatically updated in the booking engine system; it cannot be sold twice.

Sell Through Mobile Version Websites

Last minute reservations are becoming more important as mobiles take over from laptops and PCs. Bookassist's mobile version web site and booking engine allows the easiest possible route to market from a mobile device.

Things to Do Today

  • Go onto your hotel admin and increase the number of rooms available throughout 2013
  • Make your rooms available to purchase online right til the latest possible time. Remember they are mobile and you must offer what is being looked for.
  • Utilise the Bookassist Text Confirmation service if required.

Downloads, Links and Reference

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The Best Book Direct guide is being produced in conjunction with the on-line marketing team at Plan B and the award winning Bookassist Booking Engine
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