Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 and Tourism Still Matters!

We first launched Tourism Matters as a blog way back at the beginning on 2008 on the tails of our belief that Content was King. We thought that the world was ready for sharp insight and biting comment on the delivery of tourism marketing.

We were right - the world was ready for insight and comment but we just were good enough to deliver it!

Well after a bit of a rest and some comments at recent hospitality events we are once again going to give Tourism Matters a go! Same format as before as nothing much has changed since 2008 after all has it?!

Tourism Matters will feature a bit of news, comment, guidance and on occasion some deep insight! It is the blog of Plan B and we will therefore highlight work we're doing with our customers, information on our products including Claymore Sites, our music events and festivals and our soon to be launched mobile App, Concierge Plus.

We will also start publishing updates to our popular Tourism Matters Briefings - in over a decade we have remained true to our beliefs about digital marketing in the hospitality and tourism sector; we all need to maximise our direct bookings and take greater control of our own distribution.

To that end we will as ever be pushing that ethos...

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We look forward to writing again.

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