Monday, January 9, 2017

First Claymore Sites of 2017 Go Live!

It was a very busy Festive period for us in the Irvine office with a number of sites scheduled to go live both sides of the Festivities with our Claymore Sites brand.

We were particularly delighted with the first two Claymore powered sites of the new year, due in no small part to their diversity in both geography and content.

Both sites are what we specialise in - small independent operators with great operating standards matched only by their passion - but they are rather different in products and markets.

At one end is The Harbour Bar in Troon with its seaside location and it is fair to assume an altitude of no more than ten metres above high tide! And at the other we have Chalet Chedaliere perched at 1300 metres in the French Alps.

Diverse indeed but similar too.

Both sites have been developed using our own content management solution Claymore allowing both operators to update their information whenever required creating a much more dynamic vehicle for promotions, offers and news.

Both designs are image rich and mobile friendly with a number of nice touches in there for the users - everything we do has the aim of reducing friction for the site visitor so The Harbour Bar can easily update their live sports and music programmes with the user having easy access on mobile to view dates and times of big matches or the live band for next Saturday.

The Harbour Bar in Troon

The site which is built using a "Mobile First" theme highlights the nautical theme of the pub with easy navigation and user interface. It disproves the notion that any business is too small to have a mobile ready presence on line.

  • PDF menus for download
  • Full Live Sports Listings
  • Multiple image galleries
  • Google Map with Routing

View Harbour Bar Site

Chalet Chedaliere in Courchevel 1300

Chalet Chedaliere may have more desktop users but the ski site has been designed to integrate highly interactive mobile friendly ski maps as well as the usual descriptions of the destination, events and chalet facilities.

  • Full content management
  • PDF Ski Maps
  • Destination Information
  • Google Maps and Routing
  • 3D Piste App Integration

View Chalet Chedaliere Website

The main positive about both of these sites is that the proprietors are taking greater ownership of their digital presence and not leaving it solely to social media channels for distribution.

Visitors to Troon are now much more likely to find information about The Harbour Bar menus and events than they would have with Facebook alone and, similarly, in France, the chalet will be able to build a more effective presence with the creation of new pages during the season and the sharing of guests' experiences.

Websites remain the core distribution channel for hospitality businesses and it is essential that this is adopted as part of a holistic digital strategy for the business. If a promotion or offer or event is available to the customer it MUST be on the website first. Facebook, Twitter and Email marketing can then be used to distribute the message but do not bypass the website or underrate its importance.

If you want to find out more about our digital and web strategy visit Claymore Sites or call us on 01294 233713 for a digital audit.

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