Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Multi Billion Plans For Perthshire

One of those headlines that catches the eye if nothing else...
Perthshire Advertiser - as they're the local paper - published their spin on the press release.

"ROYALTY, global capitalists and international playboys could soon be heading for a remote Perthshire destination earmarked as the ultimate playground for the world’s super-rich.

Mind-blowing plans worth £1.3 BILLION for the creation of a private members’ club near Kinloch Rannoch were submitted to Perth and Kinross Council yesterday, with developers insisting the project would put even the Middle East’s most luxurious resorts in the shade."


It's worth reading the article and some of the statistical bullet points that were produced by the national titles as well but what we found most surprising was that the proposal was apparently underpinned by a consultancy study written by The Moffat Centre in Glasgow. The report is widely quoted, for instance,

“The development is predicated upon targeting the world’s highest net worth individuals in an exclusive private club environment that will maintain exclusivity and ensure privacy and security. The minimum liquid asset net worth of individuals will be set at £100million.

Describing the proposals as virtually unprecedented globally, the Moffat Centre predicts the impact on the local economy will be “dramatic.”

“The development has been benchmarked against luxury iconic hotel operations throughout the world, this has included resort operations in the five-star and ‘above’ quality level operated by Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels and Jumeriah Hotels and Resorts, most particularly the Burj al Arab Hotel.

Describing the scheme’s scale and orientation as “closer to the high marque operations of the US and Middle East”, the Moffat Centre believes Rannoch’s natural and secure setting, remoteness and exclusivity will appeal to elite clients such as Prince Albert of Monaco.

“The development will be of such quality and scale that it will make Scotland an aspirational ‘must see’ destination in the same way as the Burj al Arab Hotel has impacted on Dubai,” the report adds.

This must be perhaps one of the boldest consultancy predications ever made by this august body and makes The Trump claim of building the world's finest golf course a minor achievement.

Someone on one of the national paper blogs asked about the midgies... at £16,000 a night (quoted!) I think the midgie problem may be resolved at last...

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Anonymous said...

"you gets whats yous pays fors" when it comes to consultancy reports. Anyone one with 1/2 a brain will see immediately that with a winter season of 6 months peoeple are unlikely to to spend this sort of money in Scotland. My one page report to these people would have said buy Gleneagles and develop that a bit. I have jsut saved them close on £1billion wonder how much the consultants were paid. more. There you