Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stephen Carter Joins VS Board

Good news we think that Stephen Carter has been appointed to the board of VisitScotland for the next two years.
Currently the Managing Director of the Cameron House Resort on Loch Lomond, "Mr Carter was chosen for his "deep understanding" of the accommodation industry."
Having been involved in the industry for years he was presented with an OBE in 2007. It can only be hoped that his expertise at the sharp end will add momentum to the changes mentioned by his peer Peter Lederer recently and that Stephen can bring some guidance in shaping the structures required in developing the industry.
It will be interesting also to see whether he can influence the golf strategy as well having been so heavily involved with two of Scotland's finest golf resorts on Loch Lomond and at Fairmont St Andrews.

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Anonymous said...

"golf strategy" ??? is this an example of an oxymoron ??? tell me more. Is the GTS one published a few years back or the one that was supposd to be developed by SGU/VS/EventScotland. Perhasp someone can shed some light on what happened to all of these or will it all come down to the "credit crunch"