Thursday, July 15, 2010

How Is Your Booking Engine Running? Have Another Look at Ours...

The Booking Engine For Growing Direct Business

Did you know just how capable the Bookassist Booking Engine really is? If your hotel is already a client, you still may not be using all of the capabilities fully so it's a good opportunity to review what we can bring to your direct booking business and what continues to make Bookassist unique.

Bookassist's Booking Engine delivers on customer service because we know that your guest's online experience needs to be as good as their offline experience. Bookassist has been frequently first-to-market with new features that others rush to catch up to. Under constant development to bring you what need for today's demanding customer, here are just a few of the features it gives you right now:

  • Multilingual Corporate & Frequent Booker system allows preferential rates for each corporate or individual for your hotel or across your hotel groupLoyalty System to reward regular bookers with any gifts or reductions, or private rates, as you wish
  • Promo Codes to allow instant discounts on displayed rates
  • Electronic or offline vouchers used directly in the booking process or in the hotel
  • Customisable Email Confirmation with mapping and hotel specific information
  • SMS Reservation confirmation, a first for Bookassist since 2004
  • Full PCI-DSS compliant security, a first for Bookassist since 2009 - if your supplier is not certified, you should ask why not
  • Book multiple rooms and room types - a feature we've had since launch in 2000
  • Book family rooms and have dynamic pricing based on number of children and their ages - a first for Bookassist since 2005
  • Book additional services and add-ons along with room bookings to allow customers to dynamically package - a feature we've had since 2006
  • Multilingual throughout, uses UTF-8 so that multiple languages display properly and customer details can be entered in customer's own alphabet (eg Russian, Polish, Czech etc)
  • Live currency exchange built in - a feature we've had since 2003
  • Automatic emailing of guests after arrival for reviews collection - a feature we've had since 2007
  • Display a full table of rooms and rates direct from the booking engine on any page of your website as a handy price grid
  • Display special offers and packages with dynamic content, and fully bookable, on any page of your website or in newsletters and emails
  • Over 99.99% uptime annually over the last 5 years giving industry-beating consistent reliability
To help you out at the back end, here are just a few additional features that keep you in full management control of your system:
  • OTA/XML Integration with leading front office systems such as Protel, Softbrands, Micros Opera
  • Full integration via Ecommerce API with Google Analytics lets you track advert spend right through to specific bookings - a feature we've had since 2008
  • Administration Reporting using Google Charts for quick visual data - a feature we've had since 2008
  • Administration Reporting with alerts on low availability and email reporting
  • Administration Reporting on what is selling and what is not so you can see your missed opportunities
  • Direct-to-hotel-account banking capability for 100% upfront offers and packages
  • Administration management so staff only see the information they need to see
  • Base rates for rooms or packages can be in multiple currencies
  • Linked rates system allows you to define room rates with respect to a master rate, simplifying quick rate changes across the board
  • Full control of length of stay, day of arrival and other required limitations
  • Manage guest reviews and ratings, and post responses visible on your website and on webapp
  • Channel management solution to control how you sell on third party websites
  • GDS connectivity
  • Downloadable guest contact details with Privacy Legislation Compliance as verified with the Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland and elsewhere as applicable
With the Bookassist Booking Engine integrated into your website, matching the look and feel of your website, you can choose to have a tabbed version that brings you all the following features, or you can use the content of each of these tabs on different pages of your website as embedded dynamic content. Click any image to see more:
Hotel Online  Booking System from Bookassist Booking Engine Allows Multiple Room Booking
Languages & Currencies Create Customer Confidence

Hotel Online Booking System with Reviews from BookassistIntegrated Customer Reviews
Encourage Confidence In Your Product

Hotel Online Booking System with Maps from BookassistMapping To Aid Your Customer

Hotel Online Booking System with Vouchers from BookassistSell vouchers for packages or for fixed amounts

And of course Bookassist was the first supplier to bring you a hotel-specific webapp for iPhone, Android and mobile devices to ensure that you are giving the mobile customer exactly what they want.

With Bookassist's Facebook integration about to launch soon, we continue to innovate for our hotel clients. There is much more to come from our development and research teams. 
Stay tuned or if you're ready to make the switch give Bookassist Scotland a call nowon 01292 521404 or email

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