Friday, February 18, 2011

Ian Bunch Retires from Role at SWCGL

Following his recent retiral from his position as Secretary at Prestwick Golf Club, Ian Bunch has now passed the baton on with regards to Scotland's West Cost Golf Links.

Ian was instrumental not only in the creation of Scotland's West Coast Golf Links but also in the earlier set up of Golf Tourism Scotland. His enthusiasm for and understanding of the golf tourism sector made both contributions invaluable and his presence in Ayrshire's golfing circles will be missed.

SWCGL however will now look to appoint a new chair to take the marketing group forward. In line with the changes there will be a new Executive Committee set up to develop the new strategies required to deal with the current challenges and this committee will meet early in March and be comprised of four golf course representatives, one golf professional and a hotelier.

Anyone looknig for further information on how Scotland's West Coast Golf Links can work with your business should in the meantime contact administrator Ian McCaig on 01292 521404.

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