Friday, October 19, 2012

Build Your Customer Communications with E-mail Marketing

If you needed a reminder of how email marketing still works just have a look back at the Groupon style email driven campaigns of the last year. More than ever businesses need to be developing their OWN email marketing much more effectively to drive DIRECT lower cost sales.

Your website may still be the core of your online marketing strategy but it is increasingly only a part of a much wider mix. It is essential that you can communicate with your previous clients or site visitors simply and frequently whether it is through social media, blogs, mobile technology or by good “old fashioned” email.
Email marketing complements both your on and off line marketing strategies and should be developed as an integral part of the business’ marketing plan.

Plan B having been using ConstantContact for our own email marketing for more than a decade now and are more than happy to work with thme now as partners.
Email Marketing by Constant Contact® is the easy, effective, and highly affordable way to get your message out to your customers, clients, or members. You can create high-impact, professional-looking emails—quickly and with no technical expertise. And, most importantly build strong connections with your marketplace that lead to referrals, repeat business and loyalty.
  • Choose from more than 400 easily customized email templates—or create your own from scratch.
  • Create highly visual, professional-looking email newsletters and promotions in just minutes.
  • Drive more traffic to your website with focused, targeted email communications.
  • Build and manage your email list: import exis ting customer lists, add names individually, or capture contact information from website visitors.
  • Measure your email campaign results instantly - check click-through rates, review new subscribers, and see who opened and clicked on each link so you can tailor your follow-up communications.
  • Send automated communications to new sign-ups via our Autoresponder tool.
  • Communicate with your audience with confidence, knowing that Constant Contact will take care of getting your email delivered and keep you CAN-SPAM compliant.
For an affordable cost we can set up your Constant Contact campaign to ensure that you’re ready to start emailing your target markets immediately.
  • Design your sign up box to encourage site visitors to lea ve their address and provide your web developer with the code to embed into your site
  • Embed the sign up box into your Facebook page
  • Design your introductory sign up details page to match the branding of your website
  • Create your mailing distribution lists to allow you to target your message most effectively
  • Design two different styles of newsletters around your website and brand to ensure your message complements your marketing materials

Constant Contact(R)

Email marketing remains one of the most powerful tools available to small and medium sized businesses. Make sure that your online marketing strategy does not overlook the opportunities it offers to your bottom line. Keep your customers informed; Make them feel important


Plan B's RelationshipBuilder Email Marketing programme has a set up fee from £395 and includes all of the above. There is a monthly charge for the use of the system dependant on the number of email contacts in your database and this starts from as little as £10 per month and you can cancel at any time. You can also prepay and make further savings.

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